Currently | 2.2.2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

READING: After reading this article I'm thinking I need to up my reading game. Which means I'm trying to read more than one book at a time. This is the book I read before bed and this parenting book I'm currently reading with a friend.

WATCHING: Still working our way through The West Wing (so good for a DC fix) and looking forward to when this comes in at the library.

EATING: We eat out a lot less these days, but the other night I had tacos that I'm still thinking about. Also, have you tried the Theo 70% dark coconut chocolate? Talk about a rich taste bud experience.

DRINKING: Herbal tea before bed.

ENJOYING: Writing a letter to my mom once a week—I call the series Wednesdays with Wendy.

LISTENING TO: New songs from NPR music.

MAKING: Valentine's the old fashioned way, with paper, paint, and paste. And cute face planters that I could seriously make all day.

FEELING: Like I can hardly keep track of all the words Amelia now has. Some of my favorites include: helicopter, help me (which sounds more like hammy), swan, all done, boobs (ha!), library, geese and armadillo. Words she uses that I wish she didn't: mine! and no.

REMEMBERING: The other night when Ken and I pulled off a little mirror action a la Lucy and Harpo resulting in a much needed belly laugh.

EXCITED FOR: Galentine's brunch with my gals this coming weekend. Also, summer.

Mural located in St. Louis, MO 


  1. Oh man, love West Wing...and thank you for reminding me to plan a Galentine's night! ;)


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