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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

READING: Just started this young adult book, in addition to the stacks of picture books I read weekly.

WATCHING: Now that we've finally finished The West Wing (so sad!) I've decided to take a bit of a television break.  However, I'm still thinking about this documentary I saw a couple months ago. Have you seen it? Totally mesmerizing.

EATING: Homemade pesto and looking forward to guacamole once the avocados on the counter ripen.

ENJOYING: The online children's book community. If you follow me on Instagram you know what I mean. It's been so great to connect with other like-minded book lovers.

FEELING: Overwhelmed. 2016 has been a difficult health year for me. Chronic pain is exhausting, both physically and mentally, and I'm really hoping to have some relief and healing in the coming months.

LISTENING TO: This powerful 20 minute podcast about an attorney who defends inmates on death row.

MAKING: More baby bibs. Even though I don't know anyone that is currently pregnant I always like to have a small stash of baby gifts on hand. Usually I just give books, but sometimes homemade is extra nice.

DREAMING OF: This play kitchen for a certain almost two-year-old and this summer tote for an almost, well, older August baby.

LAUGHING AT: How AJ recently watched Shrek and had a little trouble pronouncing Fiona. It took us awhile to figure out what sounded a lot like Narnia was actually Fiona.

EXCITED FOR: One month until preschool starts!

Mural located in St. Louis, MO.   


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