9 Halloween Books We Love

Monday, September 19, 2016

Last year I made the mistake of waiting until two weeks before October 31 to request Halloween specific library books. Which meant many of the books didn't come until November. The horror. Who knew Halloween was such a hit? Apparently everyone. While it's never been my favorite holiday, having a child makes every holiday a little more exciting. As we slowly grow our own collection of Halloween books I can attest that these nine are part of our tried and true favorites.
  1. The Witch Next Door - A vintage classic. Two children are amused by the antics of their quirky neighbor and are delighted to discover that having a witch live next door can also come in handy. 
  2. Happy Halloween Witch's Cat - We fell in love with this little cat last year from this book. Well, she's back and desperately trying to figure out what to be for Halloween. Will her mom go along with her idea?
  3. Ghosts in the House! - What's a girl to do with a house full of haunted ghosts? Capture them. Wash them. Hang them out to dry. And repurpose them for more functional household items. Such a fun one!
  4. Ghost in the House - Not to be confused with the previous book, this is a spooky tale of a ghost who encounters a bump in the night, but ends up accumulating comrades along his journey to discover the source of the racket. 
  5. Birdie's Happiest Halloween - Out this year, this is our first experience with the lovable heroine, Birdie, who is trying to figure out what to be for Halloween. Inspired by a trip to the museum she comes up with a last minute solution. 
  6. Humbug Witch - Even though she's a frightening-looking, horrible, witchy, WITCH, this witch has a surprise in store. Another vintage classic, still striking in its illustrations and story. 
  7. Leo: a Ghost Story - When a new family moves into Leo's house, he tries to make friends with them, but is sadly misunderstood. A tale of friendship told with imaginative style. Meaning it hardly matters that it isn't a Halloween specific book.  
  8. Gilbert the GhostNot technically a Halloween book, but a tale of Spartacus, the ghost, who doesn't want to be like all his other classmates. Charming and reminiscent of Casper. 
  9. Go Away, Big Green Monster! - Also not technically a Halloween book, but Ed Emberley is a master, who manages to create then disassembles a monster, simply by layering shapes that even the youngest child can't resist. 
Want more Halloween inspired books? Follow along on Instagram, where I'll be sharing more in the coming weeks. Also, four more Halloween books from last year. 


  1. Thanks for the compilation! I didn't know some!
    Pin-pin-pin! ❤️

  2. I love this round up of books you've shared! I will definitely share this on my Facebook page! I'm always looking for great book recommendations - especially that go with the season :) Also, my husband's name is Gilbert and I'm really wanting to buy that book for him as a sweet little gift for him to read with AJ...and I think I will!


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