5 Ways to Give Books this Holiday Season

Friday, November 18, 2016

This probably isn't a news flash for anyone that knows me, but I can safely say I have given more books as gifts than I have any other item. Hands down. Whether for birthdays, baby showers, care packages, weddings, Christmas gifts, or just to brighten someone's day. Books are my go-to gift. Do you feel passionate about giving books? Or gifts in general? I know it stresses some people out, but gift giving is one of my top love languages, so perhaps I come by it honestly.

Here are five ways to incorporate book into your holiday gift giving:

1. Make a Book: You already know there are a lot of websites for making photo books these days. We've tried several of them over the years and found that Pinhole Press repeatedly delivers a high quality product in a timely manner. Plus their customer service is outstanding. You can make everything from a hardcover book, to a spiral board book, or custom sticker book w/ drawing pages. I like that there is something for every price point. And believe me, once you have a kid you can never have too many pictures to give to grandparents.

2. Give a Magazine Subscription: While this isn't technically a book it is similar. As noted in The Read-Aloud Handbook, kids need a wide variety of reading materials. You'll be pleased to know that Anorak makes the most beautifully deigned and cleverly crafted magazines for kids, to the extent that opening the pages feels like a party. Dot is their most recent publication, focused primarily on pre-schoolers (ages 2-5) and I can tell you AJ loves it. Giving a magazine subscription to kids is a blast, because not only will they enjoy the publication, they'll look forward to checking the mail with renewed enthusiasm.

3. Give a Book Excerpt: This is the first year we have a bunch of teachers to give little gifts to and I especially like the idea of giving something semi-homemade. Which is why this coloring card book is perfect. Cards, envelopes, and stickers all in one place. Bonus: each card has a little inscription on the back where you can write-in who created it. Such a fun and interactive way to give something unique.

4. Read to Your/A Child: If you have a kid in your life, be it your own, a niece/nephew, neighbor, grandchild/godchild, or even a child you volunteer with, carving out a few minutes of time to be with them is probably the nicest thing I can think to give. We've been enjoying the intricate and exquisite detail of this new pop-up book, The Christmas Story by Robert Sabuda. In the season of rush, rush, it truly is a gift to slow down and read a story aloud together. It can be something holiday related or not. The important thing is to do it. Preferably as often as possible.

5. Donate to a Local Charity: Earlier this year we discovered Ready Readers, a local nonprofit dedicated to helping preschoolers from low-income communities love books and reading. We support their mission by making annual donations a family priority. No doubt you probably have something similar in your community that you can access through a Google search or asking your local librarian.

Wishing you a season of generosity and exceptional reading material.

Special thanks to Anorak, Candlewick, and Pinhole Press for providing us with the resources for this post. 


  1. Great suggestions Miranda! I'm going to be reading lots and lots of festive books over the season with BookBairn x


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