What I Read: February

Monday, March 6, 2017

Two months into 2017 and I feel pretty good about my reading goal. It's been nice to split my reading between audio and physical books. And since I don't own a tablet, I appreciate finding audiobooks both on Audible and Hoopla, which I can listen to while doing house hold tasks like dishes and laundry. Have you tried audiobooks recently? I've listened on and off for about a decade and generally know within 10 minutes if I'll be able to keep listening to a book based solely on the narrator. Narrators absolutely make or break an audiobook. In addition, my threshold for audiobooks is about 5-10 hours. Longer than that and I tend to disconnect from the story. That said, one of my fondest memories of listening to an audiobook (actually it was a book on CD) was when I listened to Diane Rehm's memoir while I drove across the country several years ago.
  1. Present Over Perfect - Some books come into your life at exactly the right moment. This is one of those for me. In fact I'm on my second read through right now. Less hustle, less proving, more resting, and more peace. This book struck an undeniable chord in my soul. 
  2. The Course of Love - A novel that reads a bit like a case study. Thoughtful asides tackle the idea that love is a skill and commitment is a reoccurring choice within a marriage. The philosophical asides on romantic attachment were a pleasing alternative to a purely fictional piece. 
  3. The Book that Made Me - Australian authors and writers sharing insights about the books they read that formed their opinions and insights, mostly during their formative years. Quotable passages and an extensive appendix featuring the books mentioned in these 32 essays made this an enjoyable book about books. 
  4. Seinfeldia - For the bona fide Seinfeld fan. I listened to this one and it was on the longish side for me. Considerable attention is given to the writers and the cultural phenomena the sitcom created. Bits of trivia and attention to the fact vs. fiction aspect of the show was interesting without being overdone. 
  5. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - My first time reading this classic and I found Dorothy's companions to be even more endearing than the movie. Plus this illustrated design centric version is simply stunning. Now I want to read more from the classics reimagined series. 


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