A Happy Announcement

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Back in March I was pretty sure that I was pregnant, but a home pregnancy test indicated a negative response. One week later and a different pregnancy test indicated a positive result. Yesterday was my 20 week appointment and after some prodding we discovered that yes indeed we'll be adding another girl to our family.  This November to be precise. Hooray!

My hope is that Little P, as we've taken to calling her, will arrive early and not 10 days late like her sister. But I suppose these things can't really be planned, or can they? My other hope, apart from a healthy baby of course, is that we will be able to transition to a family of four with patience, time and a lot of grace. Meanwhile, to celebrate this happy news, we're going crazy with a week of giveaways over on Instagram. Feel free to follow along and share any tips you may have about how on earth to manage more than one child.


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