What I Read: March

Monday, April 3, 2017

This series might be completely selfish, since it's really a way for me to track what I am reading throughout 2017. Do you track the books you read? If so, how? I have used Goodreads since 2008 and it seems to do the job well enough. However, I like discussing books with people, which is probably why I belong to two small book clubs. Have you read anything of note this year? Here's what I read during March.
  1. You'll Grow Out of It - Memoirs have long fascinated me and a couple people recommended this book as a humorous read. Unfamiliar with the comedic talent of the author, I went into the book unprepared. However, Klein's candor and deadpan wit riveted me from beginning to end. For some reason the bathing chapter was particularly hilarious to me. 
  2. Warren the 13th and the Whispering Woods - I so enjoyed the first book in this series and was happy to reconnect with familiar characters. Plus it's always fun when I can read and share the same book with my husband. Take away: Beware of mysterious general stores that provide complimentary dental service. 
  3. In Such Good Company - This was my deliberate selection for Women's History Month. During my adolescence I was taken with the comedy of both Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett. Something about red heads, I suppose. This book is a genuine behind-the-scenes look at the 11 years of people, sets, and costumes that made the sketches of television history. Burnett is both winsome and gracious in her recounting.
  4. Stella by Starlight - Another middle grade novel that has the aspiring writer protagonist, Stella, becoming acquainted with the difficulties of race, segregation, and injustice in her small town community. A quick and enjoyable read. However, one that I felt had her being the heroine more than was actually realistic. 
  5. Helping Children Succeed - This book did nothing for me. It felt pedantic and entirely replete with academic terminology loosely connected to real-life anecdotes. For a better parenting book, I highly recommend this one.


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